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NJ Student Loan Attorney

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Student loans are a great way to help people get through college. However, too many people take on huge loans only to find out that the job they got after graduation will not be enough to meet their expenses and pay off these loans. Other people run into tough times that make it difficult to impossible to pay off these loans. Regardless of the situation, many people find themselves in default.

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The penalties for default are great. Your wages can be garnished and your bank accounts (and other assets) can be seized. To make matters worse, the interest and other penalties can significantly increase the debt. While bankruptcy is an option for most forms of debts, the vast majority of people cannot use bankruptcy to get out of student loans.

Sounds like a hopeless situation right? The good news is that our team of tough, smart attorneys know how to fight back! Whether you are just in default or you are already being sued, our attorneys know how to reduce if not eliminate your student loan debt. The collection agencies can be brutal but we are aggressive and we will fight for you!

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