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NJ Legal Defense for Child Pornography Charges

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    NJ Legal Defense for Child Pornography Charges

    Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law

    Immediate Consultation By Phone or In Office 888-982-4171

    • Child Pornography Possession
    • Porn Distribution Charges
    • Internet Pornography Charges
    • Sex Crime Charges

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    Child Pornography charges can ruin your life. Just being charged with a child porn crime can turn your life upside down. Your best defense is to find a lawyer that knows how to fight for you and will lay everything on the line. There are many good criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey. However, when you select an attorney to fight for you, you need to make sure he or she has the experience necessary to help win your case. How many of these cases have they handled? Most criminal defense lawyers haven’t handled many at all. Have they ever won a child pornography distribution case? Sadly, most lawyers just have their client’s plea out. As a result, few New Jersey attorneys have taken a child pornography case to trial and almost none of them have been successful. Has the lawyer ever been published on the topic of child pornography defense?

    The legal team at Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law is one of the few criminal defense teams in New Jersey to get a not guilty verdict on a child pornography distribution case.

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