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NJ Lawyers for Father’s/Men’s Rights

Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law

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Whether it’s a disagreement over child support, a custody dispute, parenting time agreement, divorce or alimony, these areas of the law seem to put men and/or fathers at a disadvantage. The legal team at Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law has vast experience in defending father’s rights and representing men in contested divorce and alimony cases throughout New Jersey. The truth of the matter is that the law should be applied equally when deciding parental or marital legal issues and we can help assure that it is.

  • Child Custody: Father’s should be afforded the same custody opportunity or parenting time privileges as a child’s mother.
  • Child Support: Financial support of a child is a math equation the should be applied equally to both parents. Mother and father are both legally obligated to contribute to the financial well being of any mutual child or children. The amount of financial contribution should be based on simple math and not gender.
  • Divorce: Men should be conscious of their custody and financial rights during a divorce case, because no one else will. This is why working with the experienced and compassionate legal team at Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law can help ease the emotional and financial stress that men endure during divorce and family separation. A free initial consultation is available by phone or in office.
  • Alimony: There are several relevant factors that usually guide alimony cases such as; the duration of the marriage, earning capacity, health issues and a few others. But unlike child support, there is no cut and dry mathematical formula that determines eligibility, alimony amount or duration. An experienced legal team is your best option to help guarantee a fair resolution to an alimony dispute.
  • Parental Alienation: Parental alienation is a parent’s attempt to manipulate a child and end any form of beneficial relations between the child and the other parent. Parents are usually unaware of the harmful impact that parental alienation is having on their child.
  • Emancipation Due to Lack of Relationship

Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law has successfully represented father’s and divorcing men throughout all counties of New Jersey. Call us today for a initial consultation by phone or in office – days – nights – weekends 888-982-4171.


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