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Monmouth County Divorce Lawyers

Monmouth County Divorce Lawyers
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Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law have embraced the time and cost savings that today’s technology offers. Utilizing a paperless office, communication by phone, text and email allow for more affordable fees and the ability to minimize or eliminate travel and most face to face meetings. With social distancing and restrictions on personal interaction becoming an important aspect of daily life our legal services are well positioned to serve your needs without jeopardizing your health.

Monmouth County Divorce Lawyers

Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law

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Dealing with a divorce can be extremely stressful for anyone. When you need a divorce attorney that will quickly and aggressively work to get you the best resolution to your case, then the Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law will be happy to help you. In all cases, our lawyers are sensitive to your needs and exercise extreme confidentiality and professionalism. We are tough and aggressive with your case but also completely understand the emotional situation and extreme stress that divorce may place you under.

Divorces do not have to be complicated and drawn-out. Our family law team will help you through the divorce process every step of the way. We work efficiently to help keep the overall cost affordable without sacrificing service. Call us for your free initial consultation and one of our experienced attorneys will answer your questions and explain the process to you. With our local offices we are able to help clients in all New Jersey counties.

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Some of the Divorce Cases We Have Handled Include;

  • Marital Infidelity
  • Divorce with Child Visitation Agreements
  • Divorce with Child Custody Agreements
  • Same Sex Divorce
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Marital Separation
  • Adultery Cases
  • Marital Cheating
  • High Net Worth Divorce
  • Simple Divorce Cases
  • Divorce with Business Assets
  • Divorce Due to Abandonment

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The legal team at Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law is highly experienced in New Jersey Divorce law and qualified to be as aggressive as necessary to obtain your desired result. Our team has dealt successfully with cases involving cohabitation, infidelity, separation, support, custody, alimony and most other matrimony and relationship issues. Call us today for a consultation concerning any aspect of marriage dissolution or post judgement motions.

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